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Spectrum is Killing its Home Security Business, Customers Left With Useless Equipment and No Alarm Monitoring

Spectrum is Killing its Home Security Business, Customers Left With Useless Equipment and No Alarm Monitoring

Spectrum customers who are also users of the company’s home security service are about a month away from being left with a pile of useless equipment which cost them hundreds of dollars in many instances.

Spectrum will no longer help consumers who have bought their home monitoring devices from Spectrum on February 5.

I see what they’re doing here, hundreds of millions of subscribers of mobile, thousands of millions of broadband;

California’s KSBY News contacted one Spectrum user on Friday who claimed he’d spend around $900 building cameras and sensors in and near his house in Cheviot Hills.

Reportedly, the customer called the company to turn the amount of his purchase into credit against his phone or cable bill.

Spectrum is owned by Charter Communications, one of the United States’ largest cable corporations.

Soon after the acquisition, Charter stopped distribution of home protection goods, suggesting that its intention to leave the company had been in the works for some time.

On Friday, a charter official told Gizmodo that the company was looking for a seamless transition and said that it would affect only a limited number of consumers.

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Spectrum aims to settle things with exclusive deals from other home security companies, including Amazon owned Link. But these deals are sub-par at best. It’s best to find a local company that can usually take over the existing system and give you a better rate for Alarm Monitoring.

In addition to damage provocation, the Charter and other big Internet service providers received a huge windfall under the Trump administration due to the sweeping 2017 tax cuts enacted at the 115th Congress, not to mention the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s deregulatory measures under Chairman Ajit Pai.

The FCC has been working since 2017 to scale back various consumer protections introduced by the previous administration, claiming that a streamlined environment would stimulate new investments, employment and ultimately lower energy prices.

Since receiving a $3 billion tax cut, AT&T, one of the country’s biggest corporations, received a wave of constructive incentives to give staff $1,000 bonuses, is now engaging in massive layoffs and is now pressuring American jobs to train their own overseas replacements.

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